Prince of Darkness
"Prince of Darkness"

Cosmic Cheeseburger Deluxe with Fries
"Cosmic Cheeseburger Deluxe with Fries"

Attack of the Spoons
"Attack of the Spoons"

Ever Forward
"Ever Forward" - selected for 2024 Cooperstown National Show

Village Truck
"Village Truck"

Art Towel
"Art Towel"

Chihuahua Kindom Revisited
"Chihuahua Kingdom Revisited"

Comrade Kathy
"Comrade Kathy"

Farm Tractor
"Farm Tractor"

Weathered Mobile Home
"Weathered Mobile Home"


La Casita
"La Casita"

Back of the House
"Back of the House"

We Found It
"We Found It"

The Mummy
"The Mummy"

The Three Waitresses of the Apocalypse
"The Three Waitresses of the Apocalypse"

Spanish Mackerel on Ice
"Spanish Mackerel on Ice"

Pilchards Seven-a-Penny
"Pilchards Seven-a-Penny"

eliz Navidudey
"Feliz Navidude"

Big, Bad GMC
"Big, Bad GMC"

Chihuahua Kingdom
Chihuahua Kingdom

Frankensteins Monster
Frankensteins Monster

Farm Schooners
Farm Schooners

Farm Truck
Farm Truck
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